About project

Right now www.preformatter.com is a simple online tool or service, as you wish, which helps make preformatted HTML code from the normal text. This preformatted HTML code you can use in site templates, which use HTML layout, or you can insert it right in WYSIWYG editor in plain HTML mode. Simply put, service helps you fast and simple get well formatted and comfortable to perceive and edit HTML code from big text fragments.

Why you need it?

Working as web developer for a long time I met with text formatting problem. No one liked to keep HTML well formatted, keep the code clean and simple. Neither clients, neither copywriters, neither content managers and even web masters don’t like do that. And no one think about other approach to work with texts and HTML code, to make life simpler and easier.

As I worked a lot with code I start to understand, what the more code or text is structured and convenient for reading, the easier it is to perceive and edit. You spend much less time on maintaining and updating well structured and formatted code, than for non formatted. That's why many computer languages get code formatting standards and even not let you code without following this standards. For me the problem of unformatted code is actual for HTML language too.

Someone can say, what HTML code is much simpler than code of serious computer languages, like Java, PHP, Phyton, etc. What's right until you come across of really big and unstructured text. Let’s see some example.

and let’s compare it with same text but structured

It is obvious that second text is more clear. And if you need to maintaining it or make some changes in it you will spend less time. Thanks for clearness of well formatter HTML code with your text inside. Meanwhile make texts well formatted is not so simple and takes time. For make this task easier I made this service for everyday use. Learn more information about it, how it works and learn more about syntax you can by reading help page. Have a nice work!

P.S. All texts for this site was preformatted with this service :)